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About Us

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute, Guwahati earlier called Small Industries Service Institute was established in 1958. This institute is a field office of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises-Development Organisation (MSME-DO) under Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium. Over the years, it has seen its role evolve into an agency for advocacy, hand holding and facilitation for the small industries sector of Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. With the enactment of the MSMED Act 2006, the institute has worked with the wider mandate of promotion and development of MSME sector. It has six branch institutes in the state of Assam, Meghalaya & Arunachal Pradesh.

MSME-DI, Guwahati provides a wide spectrum of services to the small industries sector, now enlarged to include all enterprises, excluding the larger ones which include training for entrepreneurship development, preparation of project and product profiles, technical and managerial consultancy, assistance for exports, provides economic information services, facilities for testing and tool making. It also works as effective links between the Central and the State Governments in the area of MSME development.

The main activities of this institution are as follows:

** Assistance/Consultancy to prospective and existing entrepreneurs.
** Preparation of State Industrial Profiles and District Industrial Potential Surveys.
** Preparation/updation of Project Profiles.
** Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.
** Motivational Campaigns.
** Production Index.
** Management Development Programmes.
** Skill Development Programmes.
** Energy Conservation.
** Pollution Control.
** Quality Control & upgradation.
** Export Promotion.
** Ancillary Development.
** Common Facility Workshop/Laboratory services.
** Preparation of Directory of specific industries.
** Intensive Technical Assistance.
** Coordination with DI & CCs.
** Linkages with State Government functionaries.
** Market Surveys.
** Cluster Development.
** Other Action Plan activities assigned by the Headquarters.

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