Our Services

  • Technical Assistance

    MSME DI Guwahati guides prospective and existing entrepreneurs in selection of product, process & machinery, Plant layout, Raw material selection, Modernization, Quality improvement, Product development, Energy conservation, Pollution control etc. Entrepreneurs may visit the Institute and consult the concerned trade Officers on any working day.
    Seminars and Workshops: This Institute organises different type of seminars and workshop for MSMEs like incubator Schemes, Energy Efficiency Technology, Product Certification, Design Clinic, BAR Code, ZED Schemes
    Project Profiles: This Institute prepares and updates project profiles on select viable projects in the micro and small scale sector. These profiles contain brief information about the product, ISI specifications, manufacturing process, requirement of capital, manpower and materials, economics of working, market and address of suppliers of raw materials and machinery.
    Capacity Assessment: Capacity Assessments of MSMEs Unit are conducted on payment of prescribed fee

  • Skill Development
    MSME DI Guwahati regularly organizes training programmes for prospective entrepreneurs, for management personnel of MSEs and for developing skills required for small enterprises. The training programmes are of five categories: Entrepreneurship Development Programmes & Business Development Programmes: EDPs and BSDPs: These programmes are organized to provide basic inputs regarding entrepreneurs
    Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programmes(ESDPs):
    MSME DI Guwahati conducts general and product specific ESDPs for the educated unemployed youth, woman, SC/ST, prospective entrepreneurs for setting up of self employment ventures. These programmes are conducted for 6 weeks in the trades of Food Processing, Fashion Designing, Beauty Therapy (Exclusively for Women), Screen Printing, Motor Rewinding & Transformer Winding, Manufacture of Leather goods, Chemical and allied products, Electronics, Repair and Servicing of 2-wheelers, Mobile Phones etc.
    Management Development Programmes (MDPs):
    MDPs are conducted for one/two weeks for owners and supervisors of small scale units. They are organized in the fields of Marketing management, financial management, Industrial management, Production management, Materials management, Total cost management, Total Quality management, ISO-9000 Certification etc.
    Skill Development Programmes (SDPs):
    MSME DI Guwahati organizes three to six months Skill Development Programmes in Machine Shop Practice, Fabrication Workshop at its Branch office in Visakhapatnam. One day Process Demonstration Programmes on manufacture of simple chemical items like detergent powder, liquid soap, phenyl, room fresheners, shoe polish etc. for prospective entrepreneurs are also conducted.
    Industrial Motivation Campaigns (IMCs):
    MSME DI Guwahati organizes one day Intensive Motivation Campaigns to motivate target groups of students of Engineering Colleges / ITIs / Women / SC / ST etc.

  • Economic Investigation & Statistics

    Industrial Potentiality Survey Reports:
    The Institute guides prospective entrepreneurs in selection of products and location. It periodically prepares District Industrial Potentiality Survey Reports of all the 24 districts of Jharkhand. Market Surveys and Area Surveys are conducted on payment of prescribed fee.
    Study of sick units:
    MSME DI Guwahati conducts Diagnostic studies for identifying the reasons for sickness of sick units. Proposals for rehabilitation of the unit are then given.

  • Market Development

    MSME DI Guwahati assists Micro and Small Enterprises in expanding their market base by assisting them in creating market linkages, through many promotional measures. The Institute regularly organizes Vendor Development Programmes at National and State level. These programmes provide an ideal platform for the MSEs to exhibit their capabilities. Large Scale Units / Public Sector Enterprises are invited to exhibit their requirements. The common platform helps the PSUs in identifying suitable vendors for their outsourcing needs while MSEs find good markets in meeting their demands.

  • Export Promotion

    MSME DI Guwahati also organizes training programmes on Export Management- Export Packaging- Export Marketing- Export Policies and Procedures etc. It facilitates small scale units in participating in National and International Exhibition/ Trade Fairs in various countries.